Thursday, February 28, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

It's been a few days since I got home from the Synergy conference and my head is still reeling! It was such a wonderful experience and I got to meet some neat people (you know, the ones I think are famous)! I also made a new friend, Elizabeth, who makes sculptures and specializes in wedding cake toppers. Check out her Etsy site . It was great to be around people who not only understand my love for my clay but also share it. Everyone here at home is like "what is it?" or "So when do you paint it?" or "Tell me how you make a, what is it called, cane?" Ahhh, but to be around other people who already know what a cane is...sweet bliss. I made a ton of new stuff (canes, beads and pedants) before I left and I still have quite a bit left so check my etsy shop for new stuff often. I did sell WAY more than I expected in the Synergy gallery. I think 13 boxes of canes and 7 pendants. HURRAY! I was so excited I though I would explode! Now I have some money to get...New Clay! Oh one other thing, I purchased a SH.A.R.K. (SHeet Adjusting Ruler Kit) from Polymer Clay Express / Dan Comier. It's this little barrier that goes on the pasta machine so you can control the width of your clay sheet. I have seen people use magnets to do something similar but I saw this SHARK in action in one of my seminars and I knew I had to have it. (and I never buy anything on a whim, I am the cheapest person I know). I won't get it for about 6 weeks since it was the very first one to be ordered, and they are not on the market yet, but as soon as it comes I will let everyone know how it works! Well I think that is enough rambling for one post!
This is Elizabeth and Me at the banquet
This is my little corner in the Synergy Gallery

This is Elizabeth and me talking to Barbara Forbes - Lyons and Jana Roberts Benzon! Barbara is wearing one of my pendants! I know I know, I look like a little kid asking for an autograph! I'm such a dork!


Elizabeth said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got a few pictures of us at Synergy! It was so much fun - my head is still spinning too :)

Barbara Forbes-Lyons said...

You are not a dork, lol. I love the pendant, and so did Jana. You should be proud of yourself!