Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shum Inspired

I was surfing the internet the other day and I came across these beautiful pins by Wanda Shum. They reminded me of some things I made a very long time ago. I made some face pins years and years ago and I was never very happy with them. I had trouble envisioning someone walking around wearing a extra head on their shoulder. But after seeing the beautiful patterns and colors that Wanda uses I thought it was an idea to raise once again from the ashes. So I spent last night making my first face cane in at least 7 years. As I went along I suddenly recalled one of the problems I always had with face canes, underestimating the amount of skin color I would need. The cane just kept growing and I barely was able to finish with the color I had. It was a custom blended color, I would not have been able to reproduce it.
The batteries in my camera are dead so I'll get some pics when I can. In the meantime enjoy Wanda's site, she has such a fun style!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Riding the bangle wave!

I'm jumping in on the bangle trend! After being on polymer hold for the past several weeks I'm finally getting some work done. I'm having great fun with this bangle thing and I'm planning on doing more in a few other styles. These are just my proto-types you could say. I really like the retro style one and the caned ones. I'm not as crazy about the swirl ones but I like the tie-die yellow orange and blue. These aren't even sanded yet but I felt the need to finally post something!
My hubby is in Mexico until next Saturday so I'll be going to my parents after church tomorrow. I'm sure my mom would love to help me sand! And my clay will be traveling along with us. No husband for a week means more clay time!