Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shum Inspired

I was surfing the internet the other day and I came across these beautiful pins by Wanda Shum. They reminded me of some things I made a very long time ago. I made some face pins years and years ago and I was never very happy with them. I had trouble envisioning someone walking around wearing a extra head on their shoulder. But after seeing the beautiful patterns and colors that Wanda uses I thought it was an idea to raise once again from the ashes. So I spent last night making my first face cane in at least 7 years. As I went along I suddenly recalled one of the problems I always had with face canes, underestimating the amount of skin color I would need. The cane just kept growing and I barely was able to finish with the color I had. It was a custom blended color, I would not have been able to reproduce it.
The batteries in my camera are dead so I'll get some pics when I can. In the meantime enjoy Wanda's site, she has such a fun style!

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mal and wendy said...

Hello K,
These and the lady pins you have a photo of later are just gorgeous. You do beautiful things and I am impressed that with two little ones you manage it all! I am an Australian polymer clayer currently living in Eastern Nepal. My kids have now left home so I am finally getting to do more clying. I was not so organised when they were little! We have very patchy internet connection but every now and then I get online and to find your site was joy.