Monday, September 14, 2009


After 2 days, 11 containers, many cups of coffee and 14 lbs (!) of clay i have finally gained victory over the scrap pile(s). I don't know about the rest of you, but I tend to collect bits here, pieces there, ends of canes, projects that were, well... ugly. All of these get tossed into a container to be sorted later. I also don't actually have a set place to work on my clay so I tend to wander around the house to where ever the light is the best or where my kids are playing. So I found little bowls of scraps in my bedroom, in the basement, and around my kitchen table. Because of this I also tend to open a pack of clay, not use the whole thing and later, in another location, open more of the same color. So I end up with many half used blocks floating around my 3 areas too. I don't like wasting any clay so what I do when I finally get around to dealing with the pile is sort the scrap by color and blend the groups together into new colors. Any clay that is too muddy already or maybe got dusty goes into the "crap clay" pile. This will become project bases and bead guts. This time I documented the scrap adventure and I'm pretty pleased with all of the good clay I discovered in the process. After two full days of my family having to eat at the coffee table, I think my husband is glad to have his table back :)
Here are my containers full of canes, partial blocks of clay and scraps

Moving through the piles - cell phone ready, and I think that is the second cup of coffee...
Here I have my color piles which I will sort into smaller piles based on shades. (or is it hues?)

Half way there - I've switched to a new coffee cup, BTW that blue and brown mug is my favorite mug! It was made by a local artist.
Look at all my pretty new clay!
Nicely organized canes - but looks like I'm running a bit low. Next project massive cane building with my new colors!
Alas, not all clay can be saved. Looks like I'll have enough bead guts for a lifetime!


NoraJean said...

There's more you can do with your scrap clay than use it for bead guts. Do check out "chop and toss" on my website. I love scrap clay because once chopped, tossed, reformed into a log, they make wonderful mirror images for pendants and natasha beads. God Bless and kisses to the kids,

artybecca said...

You can pack up that box of "scrap" and send it on over to me. I can use it all!