Thursday, March 4, 2010

Featured Artist

Today I would like to showcase the work of a budding artist. Magdalena Ester Hernandez spends most of her free time creating. Her favorite medium is colored pencils but she also excels with crayons and markers.

My daughter Lena loves to draw and I keep a lot of her pictures in a folder. She gives them away to everyone, her preschool teachers, Grandma, my friends. Yesterday I thought I would take some pictures to share with you all since this is mostly a blog about art, but also me and my family. So here is little combo of both. BTW Lena is 4 years old.

This was yesterday's creation. She puts hearts on everything. And she wrote her name all by herself.

This one is from the "Beach Series" she made different pictures with coconut trees, orange trees and banana trees.

(I drew the little bird and the crazy looking squirrel, but Lena did everything else. I think she is pretty good for 4 :)


Say-Say said...

What a talented young artist! How does a Clay Day sound for Friday? I'm game if you are!

Andy and Ellen Stumbo said...

She is a great artist! Her and Ellie will definitely get along and they can draw and paint together!
And I did see the bird and squirel at first and was quite impressed :) but her drawing really is great!