Sunday, August 29, 2010

News and New Stuff

Alright, once again I apologize for the gigantic gaps between my posts. Ahh, such is life.
So on to the news...There are new things in my life - first of all there will be a new addition to our family this winter! I am now in my 21st week of pregnancy - Baby #3 should be arriving around January 7, 2011. Everyone is excited as we get ready for a new little one.
That is the family news and now for the clay news.
I have a new Etsy store! This store is devoted just to polymer clay canes. My other store will be for my finished jewelry and other finished art pieces.
So far I have several new canes listed and I hope to get some jewelry up in the next couple weeks.
Since I always like to add pictures, here are some canes! I would show you all pictures of my expanding waistline but it's not quite as cute for #3 as it was with #1 :)

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