Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One more blog about Bead and Button

Ok one final blog about my wonderful time at the Bead and Button show and then I can move on with life. I just wanted to share some of my pictures from the week.

There are my cute little beads on display next to Jana Roberts Benzon's bead set! wow!

This is a close up shot of my set.

This is the full case that they were in. There were several cases displaying all the wonderful beads and beaded creations from all over the world.

This was the class I took with C.A. Therein on cane making. Ponsawan Silas was our assistant for the day. She is such a enjoyable lady.

Finally, this bewildered lady with a dopey look on her face is me doing an impromptu demo at the National Polymer Clay Guild's booth. See the sign...I'm not making this up!

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You look really cool there, girl. It was amazing, wasn't it. Our 60 min. fame. Making cane to me is not easy, I can't sit still long enough to finish one. I want to see the rings you made. Please keep in touch