Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tragic Loss

No, no one has died, however I have suffered a great loss. In my husband's good intentions of making our computer a happier machine by reformatting it, he failed to double check that my pictures were entirely backed up. Therefore, I have LOST nearly all of my pictures from the past 8 months. This includes not only all my recent clay work but even worse the pictures of my kids. I am a excessive picture taker, I want to savor every moment and (eventually) put all my picture in a scrapbook. Like most scrappers I am about a year behind in my books so I hadn't even printed any pictures except for some from March... I suppose life goes on but I am just about in tears about having next to no pictures of my 9 month old son.

This was all a few days ago and to lift my spirits I just finished the biggest cane I have ever made. It had so many components (and a lot of translucent) that it just kept growing and growing. By the time I was ready to reduce it it weighed 1.5 pounds! I know a lot of people make canes a lot bigger than that but most of mine are just a few ounces. I was almost afraid to slice it after I reduced because I was so scarred that it would be terrible and I would have wasted all that time (nearly 4 days) and clay. But when I cut it open my fears were relieved and I think that it turned out pretty good. Let me know what you all think.



very pretty.

lukanada said...

Great work. I love it.

Kegénie said...

Cette cane est vraiment superbe. Le dessin est très fin et les couleurs très jolies.
Quand je parviendrai à faire une telle cane cela voudra dire que j'aurai énormément progressé !

The cane is really superb. The design is very fine and beautiful colors.
When I succeed to make such a cane that I wish to say that enormous progress!