Thursday, September 4, 2008

Show and Tell

My show is this weekend! I think I'm almost ready, I still have a few more things I want to finish up. I've set my booth up in the garage and while it sure isn't the booth of my dreams I think it will work for now. Especially considering that it was almost free! Talk about using found objects! We already had some tables from church but I wanted to raise them up a bit. I was going to go to Menard's to get some PVC pipe to use as leg extensions but then I started digging around the garage and found that the people who lived in the house before us had left a PERFECT pipe just for me!! I also wanted to add some levels to my display so I started looking around the house for anything that I could use. My square waste basket? Perfect! I spray painted it black and I think it should do the job. Next table coverings. This I did buy, I found 2 king sized black flat sheets on clearance at WalMart. Again not perfect but they will do the job. They actually look pretty nice and they are long enough even with the table leg extensions. Finally I needed something more. I pulled out some old matchstick bamboo blinds and cut them in half and made super cool table runners! I'll post some pictures after the show as I would be quite embarrassed to have my messy garage in my photo!
Here are some pics of some of the other things I'll have at the show.


Amandine said...

C'est très beau tout ça !

Béa said...

J'aime vraiment beaucoup ce style !