Tuesday, January 27, 2009


After about a week of not touching my clay at all I have been working on a new project. I am making face canes of women from around the world. I've spent the past several days searching the internet for beautiful portraits of women wearing traditional ethnic clothing. Then I try to draw out how to adapt that face to a cane. It feels like a very long process but I just finished one last night. It is of a woman in Bangladesh. This is the picture I used for inspiration and also another inspiration picture I will hopefully be caning soon.

Bangladeshi girls

Hmong woman

A little side note, I found the picture of this Hmong woman on a website that just fascinated me. http://www.inspiringelements.com/pohw/index.html There are several portraits of Hmong women and excerpts of their life stories. When my husband and I were in college in Minnesota many of our friends were Hmong (we were even members of Hmong Student Fellowship:) Anyway, looking at all the pictures made me reminisce and miss my friends.

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