Friday, February 26, 2010

It's a Miracle!

I tried my camera one more time this morning and I guess it made friends with the computer now because it worked! Hooray! So here are some pictures of a few things, some of the ones I took weren't so nice when they were bigger than the tiny screen on my camera. But a least now I can retake and get them on the computer!
These are some of heart pieces I did for the Heartfest show. The bracelet has more BLING! than anything I've ever made. Heart beads on heart chain and a heart clasp...I was following a theme :)
My set up at the show. I have never set up my booth to be open on 3 sides like this. It was different - changed it up a bit the next day by opening the triangle (with the shelves) into more of a curved wall.

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Say-Say said...

So glad to hear that it works now!! I'll admit, i was getting a little itchy for more pictures. Talent, talent, talent!