Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Updates - and anyone know how to fix a camera problem?

So I haven't posted for a very long while. What else is new huh? The weather has been crazy here in the Midwest and there have been many days so far that school has been closed. Personally, I love that! Snow days mean Noe gets to stay home with kids and me or do pastor stuff like visiting families. That is his favorite part of pastoring - he is the most "people person" person I have ever met.

SO... on to clay stuff. I have been making a lot of new pieces lately, and I took pictures of most of them to share with the world via my outdated blog, BUT... They are stuck in my camera. I don't know what is wrong but for some reason my computer won't recognize my camera. It starts reading the pictures and then a few seconds later tells me that it can't locate my camera and to make sure it is connected. ?? I don't know. So until I can figure this out my blog will remain picture less, which is way boring for a blog. I don't know about anyone else but when I read peoples' blogs I care about the pictures!

I had a show last week in Des Moines. Honestly I was disappointed with how it went. I only do a couple of full weekend shows a year because I have a weekly Sunday commitment ;) So I was hoping that it would be time well spent. But it was really slow. I spoke with some of the other artists and some of them didn't sell anything at all, or not even enough to cover their expenses. Fortunately, I did manage to come away in the black but not so much that I will go back next year. Oh well lesson learned right?

I've been teaching 2 art classes for kids for the past few weeks. They have been going really well and I think the kids are having a good time. Each week we make a project and then I take everything home to bake. I've been really impressed with the kids and hopefully I'll have some pictures to post before too long.

Lastly, this Friday I get to go to a "Clay Day"!!! I'm super excited! The teacher with whom Noe (husband) is working and another teacher in the school are polymer clayers too! So we are getting together to play clay. I think there may even be a few more who are joining us and it should be a lot of fun. I'm planning on making canes all night so I'll have some new stock in my Etsy soon as the camera situation gets fixed that is.

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Say-Say said...

I am so excited to spend time with you and the girls at my house!! This is going to be so much relaxing fun. Thank you for agreeing to come and share your talent with us. It will be a night of fun and fellowship. God Bless! See you Friday!