Thursday, December 4, 2008

Come on Ring those Bowls! (I mean bells)

Here are some of my latest ring bowls. They are pretty tiny, only about 2 inches across. These are probably my biggest seller at the shows I've been doing. I keep one on my work table (actually that's where my rings are right now) and one in the kitchen for when I roll cookies or make meatballs and (occasionally) wash dishes. They are fun to make and I can use my canes without the pain of having to slice tissue paper thin slices. I'm actually pretty consistent with the whole slicing thing but I need a really fresh blade and I'm out. Hint, Hint Mom, I would like sharp things for Christmas :)

1 comment:

melmac said...

so pretty! I love them. I want a striped one for Christmas....hint to MY mom :)