Sunday, December 7, 2008

Why trucks are evil...

Here is a pic from the show I did this weekend. This is my dear friend Letty who helped me out all day. We had quite the adventure after the show ended.

After we had cleaned up our area and loaded the truck (Letty's Dad's truck) Letty went to move the truck away from the loading area and it wouldn't start! Being much more handy than I, Letty fiddled with the connection to the battery and finally got the truck started (only after a few dramatic sparks I might add). We then went back inside to the reception for the artist and we enjoyed some nice little snacks. When we finished, Letty went out to start the truck back up. A few minutes later I followed outside only to find her standing outside the truck!? I know you're thinking that the keys were locked inside but she had the keys in her hand but the door would not open! We tried and tried both doors but neither one would open. We got the window open a little and tried to unlock the door with a hanger (just like on TV) and a slim jim but no luck. One of the other artists tried to help us too and also a kind man that just happened to be in the parking lot but we couldn't get either door open. It was the strangest thing because the key would turn and you would think that the door was unlocked but it just wouldn't open! By this point we had been trying for about an hour. BTW it was 14 degrees outside. I then called my husband to ask him what we should do and let him know we would be quite late. I don't have a cell phone so I was using Letty's and the phone kept dropping the call! The other artist let me use her phone and I finally got a hold of my husband who called a friend we had in this town (about 25 miles from where we live). He was hunting but could be there in 30 mins. So while we waited we sat in the jeep of this other lady trying to warm up. So then our friend Scott shows up and still we can't get the door open! So Scott went to the police station and soon after out hero show up and after about 10 mins got the door open!!!! Yea! We were saved! Scott left and the officer left and we jumped in the truck....It wouldn't start!!! Can we get anymore drama??? A few more sparks later and we were finally headed back home, half frozen but on the road! These kinds of things always seem to happen to Letty. :)

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melmac said...

this sounds like an escapade you and I could have easily had in college :)